Letters to Yisrayl

Forty Seven years ago I was born in Midwest America. I was raised with three siblings in an upper middle class neighborhood; having camp outs and going on our family vacations twice a year.

As I grew into adulthood I was feeling pretty confident in my up bringing and knowing right from wrong, I was ready to move on with a career and a family life of my own.

My life was as well as can be expected until I was introduced to Yisrayl Hawkins. One day my husband gave me a cassette tape to listen to. He asked me to listen to it with an open mind. That was in 1997 and I have not stopped listening to Yisrayl Hawkins since.

In the past 15 years Yisrayl Hawkins has taught me so much more than I ever learned in school or even from life experiences. He has taught me what love really means and how to love others using Yahweh’s Laws of peace. Through Yisrayl Hawkin’s teachings I find joy in serving others and now know that life isn’t all about me.

Yisrayl Hawkins showed me what it means to have mercy and compassion for others. I learned that there is a peaceful solution in every aspect of life. I now have self control and live a life based on positive character traits. Whenever any difficult situations arise in my day to day dealings I have learned to stop and think about my options and then proceed with the right decision that doesn’t bring harm to others, myself or the environment. I find myself wanting to share with others that I meet in my day everything I have been taught or just to anyone who would listen.

I don’t remember what his exact words were on that tape 15 years ago, but Yisrayl Hawkins has been a real inspiration to me ever since that day and a living example of his teaching in building moral excellence.

He has never stopped teaching me. I will always be at his feet listening.



Yisrayl Hawkins has been the most influential person in my life. He’s taught me how to live a life of self-control, self-respect and peace, true peace.
I used to get angry at just about anything. When people would look at me in a way that made me uncomfortable, when they would cut me off in traffic, when politicians would lie about what they were going to do “for us”, it really didn’t matter. I would get angry, and Yisrayl Hawkins taught me that I wasn’t accomplishing anything positive by getting angry, I was hurting myself. Yisrayl Hawkins has taught me that when I get angry, the physiological changes that take place within my body are hurtful, like to my immune system. They not only affect my mind, but they have a negative effect on my heart, liver, kidneys, and really all of my organs.

I have been practicing the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program instructions and lessons for the last 18 years or so. They have made a positive effect on my life. I now know how to control my feelings, my emotions, and channel this energy into positive reactions. Instead of getting angry, I put myself into their place, walk in their shoes for a moment, to figure out what made the other person act or react the way they did. Taking this time, allows me to STOP, Stop, Think, Weigh out my options then proceed with how I’m going to handle this situation. I now handle these situations very differently. The PSCEP has taught me to be more kind, merciful, and patient with others. I’m not looking for a reason to “go off” on someone who doesn’t treat me the way I expected them to. So the PSCEP teaches us how not to expect things to take place the way we planned them, but to handle them in a way that brings peace.

Yisrayl Hawkins is teaching me how not to harm myself, others around me, or my environment in any way. He’s taught me how to realize that nothing or no one can “make me angry”. I have to make that choice, the PSCEP has taught me not to make the choice to become angry.

Its hard work in the beginning, I’m still working on becoming better each and every day, but once you see the improvements in yourself as you practice the PSCEP, you begin liking what you see in yourself. I like myself more now than I did before; I also believe that allows others to like me better as well. I believe this is because I don’t treat others in a malicious way, or in any negative way, I don’t think of them as my enemy. I think of others as my neighbor. We all go through things that make us behave in a negative way from time to time. If we all learned the PSCEP we would and could understand this and treat one another in a respectful way. Not being accusing, but treating one another with understanding. It’s not correct to behave in a negative or angry way, but when that does occur, we should care about the other person enough to forgive this behavior and treat them with respect. These are just a few things that Yisrayl Hawkins has taught me and I’m enjoying all the lessons he’s continuing to teach me. We are part of a group that meets once a week to see and hear the lessons that come from headquarters of The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program via Live Streaming technology. What an awesome time we have, learning so many different ways to treat one another respectfully, and always bringing peace to ourselves and to each other.

Yisrayl Hawkins has taught me what life is, how to enjoy life, how to always use the PSCEP to control my thoughts and actions and all this really is love. The learning, practicing and living of these precepts all together is love. When every one of us uses this Plan to live our lives, we will have peace and know how to love one another properly and correctly. Yisrayl Hawkins’ teachings of the PSCEP teach us how to care for our environment as well as our neighbor. What he is teaching us can heal the people, animals, water, and air/atmosphere of the earth in a very short period of time. If we all practice this great plan we can make a change that can heal the entire earth.

I end where I began, Yisrayl Hawkins has influenced my life more than any other person my entire life. I thank him for taking me out of a world of hate, and teaching me how to love others as myself. Thank you Yisrayl Hawkins for teaching me how to live a peaceful life with others.


Learning to Trust My Heavenly Father – How Yisrayl Hawkins Changed My Life

Yisrayl Hawkins revealed to me the Name of my Heavenly Father, Yahweh. Then he provided me with the evidence to prove it factual, scripturally, historically, and authoritatively. That knowledge became my own. Yisrayl Hawkins revealed to me the Plan of Yahweh, and the Laws to practice to become a righteous person.
Yisrayl Hawkins taught me what true sin is and how to achieve true repentance. With his guidance I stopped following wrong examples that brought harm to others and started becoming a blessing to others.

Yisrayl Hawkins has saved my life, my marriage, given it purpose and filled it with meaning. I know what I have to live for because Yisrayl Hawkins is living it with me. I have a true friend in Yisrayl Hawkins.

He showed what selfishness is and what to do to overcome it. He taught me what it takes to be a servant to others and I have found honor in their eyes by teaching them what he has taught me. As I follow Yisrayl Hawkins’ teaching and example my life is changing daily and we are becoming like I read my Savior, Yahshua Messiah was and is. I’m enjoying working toward forever with my Teachers.

In my life I knew about the Scriptures but I understood very little of their true purpose and application. As a companion to the Holy Scriptures, Yisrayl has also added The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program with which I am learning how govern my thoughts and actions with right and moral application of positive character traits. I am able to quickly change my emotions from anger or retaliation to humility, patience, and understanding. Others benefit because I treat them with respect.

Yisrayl Hawkins has taught me many moral lessons that have changed the way I choose to live and the choices I make. It is not easy, but he has allowed me to experience life lessons that have made me a stronger and more resilient person to handle hardship to care for the needs of others.
Yisrayl Hawkins is leading me to the everlasting life that our Heavenly Father offers. I am achieving it every day with confidence because the goal is ever before me. I have hope. I have purpose. I now understand what life is about. I’ve begun to trust my Heavenly Father Yahweh with my actions and not just my words.

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