Yisrayl Hawkins is undoubtedly the Greatest Teacher in the world today. As his students or disciples we have come to recognize the inspiration that is ever with him and is key to the instruction he has brought to us over many years of generous service.

Yisrayl Hawkins has taught us many things pertaining to life through the study of the Holy Scriptures. This website is presented to everyone who are interested in knowing the “Truth”.

As we have discovered deception and lies told to us, our parents, grandparents, etc., we are in hopes that everyone will also come to discover this new and living way – which is not new but new to us who have been misled down through the centuries.

Come experience true freedom – become free from the negative effects of sin and begin to enjoy life to its fullest.

In this website you will get a glimpse of the many sides of Yisrayl Hawkins. His hours of dedicated work are endless. He is serious when he teases saying he never takes a vacation – why would he want an empty spot in his life when there is so much of Yahweh’s Work to do.

The work gives him his joy. We believe you will come to appreciate this kind and caring man who has given his entire life to the work of Yahweh. We are confident Yahweh’s Last Days Witness and Servant – Yisrayl Hawkins, will amaze you. We call him “The Greatest Teacher in the World” because it’s a fact!

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